new year


Hello everyone who’s not reading my blog. haha. Anyways, I’ve been slacking on blogging but sometimes I wonder if it’s worth blogging on a public blog. Maybe I’ll move to tumblr so it’s more private and yet public. Tumblr’s aesthetics does appeal to me more, the design is much more sleek compared to wordpress. hm. What should I do?

Anyways, by late March we’ll see whether or not I’ll be going to Korea. 🙂

Here are some pictures I’ve been meaning to post. I used an app to edit these photos, which is easier than photoshop.

This is the water bottle I bought in Korea. I had to empty it in order to carry it with me on the airplane. 🙂 Isn’t it cool? It looks like a pill. I bought it in Dunkin’ donuts and you can also buy it at various bakeries or ice cream places in Seoul.


This is a Milk Tea flavored ice cream bar I bought with a friend from H Mart, which was super expensive… but it tastes pretty good. I love milk tea.

Another picture of the milk tea bar


Below is a picture of my favorite bubble tea drink in Canada. yum! It’s a slushy strawberry bubble tea.


I saw this sign below at a bakery in Yaohan (canada). Their bread is so good! The sign is cute too.


Below is a beef cake i made with an onion pancake mix I bought at H Mart. It’s quite good. It makes me not want to pay 12 dollars for it at a Korean restaurant.

beef pancake

Some food at a Chinese buffet in Canada. It wasn’t that great. We should’ve gone to a restaurant. It was okay though.


Cakes at a bakery. Hello Kitty!


Some of my favorite buns in Canada


These are the chocolate chip cookies I made recently with chocolate chips from trader joes. It’s much cheaper than the ones in the boxes at other stores which are also like feves.

chocolate chip cookie

A couple pictures of Croatia I took a couple years ago. So beautiful.


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