Korea, etc.


Wow, it’s been a long time since I blogged! Well, I have been a bit depressed lately, I have no idea why. Oh, and an update on my broken camera. I can still use it but I have to rewind it in the dark and tape the rewind thing to the camera. I think eventually it will break completely and then I’d have to completely rewind it in the dark. I will try to shoot alot of photos when I go to Seoul. I am SOOOOOOOOO excited. So excited that the level of excitement has gone off the charts and therefore I am no longer excited. If that makes sense at all. lol.

I just got back from my pre-departure meeting and it was really hard to come up with questions on the spot. I thought it was going to be informational, but i really just wanted to check if my adaptor was the right one or not. I was stressin’ for nothing. But that’s good, right? heheh. Otherwise, it was pretty awkward, with those awkkkkward silences. And I was late. *sigh* Oh well. Did I say I was excited? I am excited!!!!! !! !! !

Well, at the moment I am sitting in the library wondering what I should do for the next hour until dinner time. dinnnaaaaaa….. yes. I can’t believe I am going to eat Korean food. I really shouldn’t. Especially since I am going to Korea and will eat Korean food straight for 3 weeks. I might be either craving for more or I will be sick of it. I’m not sure which one. I feel guilty I didn’t do summer school. 😦 I feel guilty that I have been jobless for two years. since I’ve been in college. hahahahah. I really need to make money though.

Sometimes I wonder why I am often alone and not invited to things when it’s obvious I have nothing else to do. WHY AM I NOT INCLUDED?!! I guess I shouldn’t be jealous. I shouldn’t be greedy. I should save money. Yes, less outing, less money. ha! Well, not everyone loves Christina. heheheheh.

Gosh, I am so bored. What am I supposed to do?!

Well, when i get back from Korea, I am going to a broadway show…. which is sooo cool! Hopefully I won’t be too jetlagged. 🙂

Why am I so excited for secret santa?! It’s not even September yet.
I think i am more excited for secret santa than any birthday of mine. I have evil plans. hehehehhe. mwahahahha…..

I do have some foodie pictures to post, but my camera is at least 1 hour a way from me. 😦 in my luggage. Maybe the next time I blog it’ll be about Korea and Seoul and how wonderful Korea is going to be. yayayayay


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